Dear Beloved,

We are coming to the close of another year and as we are in a state of Thanksgiving the Lord has brought some things to mind as we enter to this next season. 

On my Birthday we entered into the Jewish calendar month of Kislev.  This is a first for me, my birthday is always in Cheshvan.  So as you know I started this new month off in a different way, traveling.  I did get to tour the Glory of Zion Headquarters and place and offering in the boxes for the first fruits service.

This is a month to fight!  It’s a month to fight against empires and cultures.  It is a time for us to deepen our TRUST unto the Lord and know that GOD is coming full circle with His support.   This is the month to develop warfare strategies and to have a prophetic revelation for war, upon which I am writing to you. 

We must enter into a new level of TRUST and REST this month before the first of the New Year.  I hear the sound of RAIN coming… I hear the sound of RAIN coming…  I hear the sound of Rain coming!!  Will we prepare ourselves for its receipt?  This month we are to declare to all our life’s experiences “be filled with peace and tranquility, we command the rivers of life to flow from us.”  God will expose your fears to break off all the old patterns that are hindering you from fullness that He has created you to receive. FULLNESS in the natural and in the spiritual, Benjamin was the only child born in the land of Promise, the Promises are coming.  Cheshvan is the month of the flood, Kislev is the month Benjamin and of the rainbow!

As I was praying and pondering the last few days, I have been stirring upon something.  Prophetess Jodi Gourley called today and as we started to pray He revealed more. The Lord is opening doors for us to begin the year off with a new wine skin.  The time between Nov. 19th and Jan 1st is 45 days of war and change for us individually and as a network.

The beginning of the year will be a time of a new wine skin coming upon us… it will just be beginning to form and we will see it unveil as the first quarter of 2018 unfolds.  I hear the sound of Rain… The fullness of God, fullness of His Glory and abundant provision is what He is desiring to bring to those who are sold out to Son-ship and Servanthood to the King.

We have to prepare!  We have to allow the Lord to go deep into our souls and remove what is keeping the fullness of extravagant love from getting into the deep places.  Yes, all of us can say we know the Lord loves us.  The difference between this ministry and others is WE GET TO APPLY IT FOR A TOTAL TRANSFORMATION OF THE SOUL.

What places are we not trusting God?  What do you fear?  Where are you operating under an orphan spirit belief system vs. knowing extravagant love in that area? God is coming after those places with a vengeance because He wants to eradicate all places of limitations to His Blessings and fullness coming!

Let us examine our hearts, He revealed to Jodi that we are dealing with Orphan spirit in specific areas where we haven’t experienced love and blessings modeled to us. Will you ask the Lord to expose any place where you have agreed with the Orphan mentality?  Place your hand on your heart, Lord what do I fear, and why?  Lord I invite you to show me your extravagant love in this area.  I repent for limiting you and agreeing with the enemy’s identity of who I am and who you are. Amen.

God is creating and crafting a new wine skin for us.  The beginning of this year we will shift if we have surrendered all to the Lord.  There is a new threshold we are about to walk thru and this is the time right now to break free from all old habits and encumbering cycles.

This past Thursday at LIVE we all sat in Papa God’s lap and allowed Him to heal us and release a new “Mantle of Selah” to us.  We loose that over you today as well.  Selah is a deeper peace, abiding and rest greater than Shalom. It is in the Bible over 70 times and for us to come into the ability to move and breath and have our being in CHRIST in the midst of great chaos and darkness that’s coming upon the earth (IS 60), we need to dive deep into the “Mantle of Selah”. 

We weary the enemy with our REST, that’s our TRUST in the Father in every situation and every storm.  When we BELIEVE, that fosters TRUST, when we TRUST that builds FAITH, when we walk in FAITH that give us the ability to RECEIVE!  We pray for God to increase our RECEIVERS!

May the God of SELAH increase your receiver bring you into complete healing and deliverance to advance into the new wineskin for the FULLNESS of Extravagant LOVE HE wishes to pour out upon you.  Eph. 1

Remember the love we give away is the only love we keep, be RELATIONALLY INTENTIONAL!

Blessings of Great JOY!





Photo by stebulus